marți, 5 decembrie 2017

ME TOO Anthology: Call for Poems

Here’s your chance to share your experiences about sexual harassment and abuse. This anthology is open to everyone regardless of sex,  but all poems must be written in haiku (no five seven five please unless you’re one of the few who has mastered the 17-syllable form), senryu, tanka, tanka prose, haibun or cherita forms. No exceptions. Submit no more than five previously unpublished poems per person at one time.
Poems must be high caliber, well crafted. Anonymous poems and pen names okay, if that is the only way you’ll  consider sharing. I’m looking for honest experiences, not cleverness. If your feelings are vague, chances are the poems will be, too. I have received numerous submissions that talk about feelings and while emotion is the spine of a poem, there is nothing like imagery and specifics to bring the experience alive.

I am receiving submissions from men although it seems more difficult for men to come forward. With all of the people coming forth in the media to report sexual misconduct, it seems to be giving writers a bit more courage to tell their stories. We are making history–we are part of a cleansing whose time has come. There has been male/male abuse as well as female/female abuse–it’s not just about males hurting females…females hurt men, too, even as little children.

Deadline: December 30, 2017
Submit to : (In subject line, write ME TOO)

I will help to lightly edit your poems and make suggestions which you may or may not want to accept.  If you’re not quite sure about your work, have a friend you respect take a look and give feedback.  It’s a good idea to let your poems sit for a week or two or more as they marinate. If your poems are accepted, I ‘ll contact you about a short bio.  Chase Gagnon and Lori Minor have agreed to publish the book.

Just as a reminder, some of the greatest writers encourage us to tell our darkest secrets–that’s why they’re there, not to be taken to our graves where they can do no good. 

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